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eRoom.net provides shared, secure workplaces on the Web for distributed project teams without the in-house investment in hardware and IT staff. Customers use hosted eRooms with internal and external users to manage projects ranging from new product development and marketing launches, to client engagement and technology deployment. Documentum charges a monthly fee for the eRoom.net service based on usage.

See also: For information on how eRoom.net handles accounts, see "Managing eRoom.net communities and billing accounts".

Note: If you are having any problems using eRoom.net, go to your My eRooms page and open the Owners + Administrators page to find out who in your community to contact.

Members, groups, and roles

Anyone who uses eRoom is an eRoom member. All eRoom.net members belong to one home community, but can be guests in other eRoom.net communities.

 You might be a member of several eRooms in your community, and in each eRoom, you have a set of rights according to your member role in that particular eRoom. Your eRoom role determines your level of participation, or rights, in your eRoom. The three standard, built-in eRoom roles are:

When you create an eRoom, you become its coordinator. As coordinator, you assign roles when you choose members or add members to your eRoom. You can also change member roles later.

See also: Custom roles

eRoom groups provide a way to organize sets of eRoom members. For example, you might belong to the "Sales" group. As a member of that group, you are automatically a member of any eRoom to which the Sales group belongs.

My eRooms

Your My eRooms page provides access to all the eRooms that you are a member of, in all eRoom.net communities you belong to, as well as any administration pages you have access to. If you are an account owner, My eRooms has a link to My Billing, and to the create community wizard. If you are a community creator, My eRooms has a link to the create community wizard. All eRoom.net members have a link to the "Owners and Administrators" page for the community they belong to.

To open your My eRooms page, do one of the following:

My eRooms is divided into these sections:

From your My eRooms page, you can

To organize the Active eRooms section of My eRooms:

  1. From My eRooms, click to open the "Organize My eRooms" page.

Note: You can also remove an eRoom from the "Active eRooms" section by clearing its check box in the "All My eRooms" section.

  1. When you finish arranging your list of active eRooms, click "OK".

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