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Here are answers to some common questions about eRoom.net. You may also want to consult the EMC Documentum eRoom FAQavailable at documentum.com, which describes the eRoom software on which eRoom.net is built.
Using eRoom.net
Security and Privacy

  1. What is eRoom.net?

    eRoom.net is a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted version of EMC's award-winning EMC Documentum eRoom collaboration software that many companies of all sizes have adopted as part of their permanent infrastructure.

    The EMC Documentum eRoom software is used by thousands of companies in the business consulting, financial services, manufacturing, legal, life sciences/pharmaceutical, high technology, government, Architecture/Construction/Engineering and energy industries to speed their time to market and to increase the success rates of their most mission-critical projects.

    Companies use eRoom.net for key projects including: client engagements, proposal development, new product development, product lifecycle management, issues management, and business planning. It is also used by customers who already successfully use the licensed eRoom product in-house, but who want to collaborate with vendors and do not want to open up their network to external users.

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  2. What is the difference between eRoom.net v7 and the eRoom v7 licensed software?

    eRoom.net is built on the rock-solid foundation of the leading collaboration software suite - eRoom — eRoom® v7. The primary difference between them is that eRoom.net is a remotely hosted application, which alleviates IT and hosting responsibilities for the customer.

    Your eRooms are maintained and serviced by EMC's expert staff and engineers and are backed by the expertise of EMC’s Global Solutions Centers. We guarantee 99% uptime service for you and we back that promise to you; see our Registration Agreement.

    The main differences between the eRoom v7 licensed software and the eRoom.net hosted offerings:

    • No additional IT resources or overhead required,. eRoom.net provides a reliable, secure, scalable service to you and your team.
    • Customers rent the eRoom software and pay on a monthly basis.
    • eRoom Real Time Services are available only to members of an eRoom; non-members can not be invited to a Real Time meeting.
    • Offline reading is not supported.

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  3. How can eRoom.net help me run my projects?

    Imagine having a single place where all the materials related to your project live — all the documents, all the e-mails, all the task lists, all the discussions... everything! And imagine effortlessly and selectively assigning varying degrees of access to your project team, your clients, and your partners irrespective of their geographic location. eRoom.net gives you all this and more.

    The tools, templates, and resources at eRoom.net help your team to work together in the most efficient and effective manner possible, resulting in some very tangible benefits:

    • lower costs
    • better communication
    • fewer missed deadlines
    • happier clients

    ...in short, greater productivity.

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  4. How large a project can eRoom.net handle?

    eRoom.net is designed to handle even the largest of projects. Built on the rock-solid EMC hosting infrastructure, eRoom.net is based on the same scalable eRoom technology that Fortune 500 companies have been using for years to run projects with thousands of participants.

    As a best practice, most eRooms operate at peak efficiency with 25-35 active participants. But some projects have hundreds of others who need access to the eRoom for informational purposes. If your project team is larger than 500 users, contact EMC Sales at +1 416-628-5973.

    If you anticipate having thousands or hundreds of thousands of participants using the service, we suggest you contact EMC Sales to discuss our other product offerings: eRoom Hosted Server or our licensed software product.

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  5. What do my team and I need in order to use eRoom.net?

    Not much. Chances are good you've got everything you need to use eRoom.net. All that's required is a connection to the Internet and a standard Web browser.

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  1. What are some of the notable features in eRoom.net v7?

    eRoom.net v7 provides the ease of use and comprehensive feature set that users of eRoom® software have come to expect, such as:

    • an interface that is easy to understand
    • enhanced drag-and-drop functionality
    • rich text formatting
    • a shared calendar tool
    • powerful database capabilities
    • sample eRoom templates that allow industry-specific teams to hit the ground running

    In addition, eRoom.net v7 now includes eRoom v7 features like:

    • Real Time Services
    • an updated UI
    • consolidated personal task summary
    • user configurable multi-step approval processes
    • "hidden" items and areas
    • enterprise roll-up databases

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  2. What is the eRoom plug-in, and what will it do for me?

    The eRoom plug-in is a downloadable option for users of Microsoft Windows, offering enhanced features:

    • Standard Windows drag-and-drop file sharing is enabled.
    • A rich text editor allows you to use a palette of colors and a variety of fonts in your eRoom.
    • An eRoom monitor icon drops into your system tray, allowing easy access to all of your eRooms.

    Your preference for using the plug-in is stored with your eRoom.net registration, which you may change at any time. The first time you turn on the plug-in and enter an eRoom, eRoom.net will offer to download it to your PC. The download is less than 5MB, and the software can be removed from your PC at any time using Windows' Add/Remove Programs control panel. The plug-in stores only your preferences associated with eRoom.

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  3. What are eRoom.net's Real Time features?

    eRoom Real Time Services (RTS) provides tools for real-time meetings, presentations and collaboration. RTS includes tools to assist with group edits, whiteboard sessions, real-time discussions, and one-to-many presentations. This enables distributed teams to work simultaneously on projects and to capture, index and reuse the collective output of a session.

    This feature is embedded in eRoom.net at no additional cost and is available to all eRoom.net users. (Note: RTS is available only to members of an eRoom; non-members can not be invited to a Real Time meeting.)

    Read moreavailable at documentum.com about Real Time Services.

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  4. What browser versions and platforms do you support?


    • MS Windows XP SP2 and SP3
    • MS Windows Vista
    • MS Windows Server 2003
    • Mac OS 9.0x
    • Mac OS 10.x
    • Red Hat Linux 7.x
    • HPUX 10.20 or higher


    • Microsoft IE 6.0
      Microsoft IE 7.0
      Microsoft IE 8.0
    • Mozilla 1.x*
    • Mozilla 2.x*
    • Apple Safari 1.3*
    • Apple Safari 2.x*

    *Not supported for use with eRoom Real Time Services

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  5. Is there a limit on the number of eRooms I can create in a community?

    There is no cap on the number of eRooms or facilities in a community, except as required to maintain optimum performance. Also note that you will not be charged based on how many eRooms you create.

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  6. How can I learn more about the features of EMC Documentum eRoom?

    Read about the EMC Collaboration solutionavailable at documentum.com, or take an eRoom Touravailable at documentum.com.

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  1. How much does eRoom.net cost?

    eRoom.net is a hosted application that charges a monthly fee for use. We offer a range of plans starting at $599/month for 10 users. Customers who want to pay with a purchase order can sign up for a 6 or 12 month term starting at $999/month for 25 users. Additional users, disk space, and communities are charged at a monthly rate. See Our Rates for more information.

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  2. What’s included in the monthly base fee?

    The monthly base fee includes:

    • One community with an unlimited number of eRooms
    • A certain number of members (based on the plan you choose)
    • 1 GB of disk space
    • Technical Support via phone or email for 2 designated technical contacts
    • eRoom application licenses and management, including monitoring and backups

    eRoom.net charges separate fees for additional services, such as exporting large eRooms.

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  3. How can I pay for my eRoom(s)?

    Once you register, you pay for any communities you create or which are reassigned to you.

    Your method of payment depends on the pricing plan you choose. Customers who choose the Monthly Project pricing plan pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express). Those who enroll in a fixed-term plan for a minimum of six months can choose either credit card or purchase order. To learn more about eRoom.net billing terms and conditions, go to our Billing Policy.

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  4. Can I view my billing statements online?

    eRoom.net billing account owners can view their payment history by logging in and going to My Billing. As long as your account remains active, your previous 13 months of account history will be displayed. If you are no longer an active eRoom.net customer, your billing information will not be available for you to view. Contact eRoom.net finance if you need previous billing statements.

    Note that your billing history from before June 2004 will not be viewable via My Billing. Please contact eRoom.net Finance for historical billing information. Refer to the Upgrade section for more information.

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  5. How do I view or make changes to my billing preferences, such as updating my credit card details?

    eRoom.net billing account owners can view or update their billing preferences, including credit card details, by logging in and going to My Billing and clicking the edit icon.

    You can also update the payment information for a particular account at any time. Any registered eRoom.net member can assume responsibility for paying for an existing eRoom payment account. The member can either be added as an account owner or payer, or the community can be reassigned to another member’s payment account. For a community to be available for you to reassign it to another payment account, the following conditions must be met:

    • The community must be active, i.e. not shut down, locked orsuspended.
    • You must be an owner of both the originating billing account and an owner of the account to which the community will be reassigned.

    To reassign a community, log in at the eRoom.net site and go to My Billing. Click the "reassign" button next to the community you want to reassign. Select the new account from the list of available accounts. To confirm that the reassignment was successful, you can view that the community is associated with the correct account on the My Billing page. See our Billing Policy for more about the billing transition.

    To reassign multiple communities, simply repeat this process for each one.

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  6. Will my fixed-term plan automatically switch to the next usage level if I exceed the maximum amounts included in my base fee?

    No, not until the plan has completed its term. At that point you can decide which plan you want to switch to. In the interim, you can continue to add additional members, create new communities and use additional disk space; additional charges will apply as indicated in Our Rates.

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  7. Can I split payment for my account across different credit cards or purchase orders?

    Your payment instrument is tied to the billing account, and only a single form of payment is accepted per account (e.g. a single credit card or purchase order). To use a different instrument for each community, you must create separate billing accounts for each one.

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  8. Are there any additional fees?

    One time fees may be charged for additional services including education and training, assistance with restoring information you deleted from an eRoom, migrating data off of eRoom.net to an internal eRoom installation or for exporting large amounts of data.

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  9. My company is interested in using a chargeback model. Does eRoom support this?

    In some cases companies pass though the cost of using an eRoom with their clients. The eRoom.net bill clearly states all charges, and includes a breakdown of all charges. You can use this in conjunction with the eRoom usage report functionality to work out room usage and the costs associated with the rooms.

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  10. What happens if my payment is overdue?

    eRoom.net will automatically remind payers and owners if their payments are overdue, or if an account has a past due balance. If after the stated grace period the account remains past due, access to eRoom.net will be restricted, and for accounts grossly overdue, accounts will be suspended then permanently deleted from the site.

    To avoid being locked out or of having your data permanently removed from the site, please pay your balance on time and in full each month or contact EMC Finance before your payment is due.

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  11. Why would I need more than one community under the same account?

    A Community is a group of members and eRooms. Communities can be used to maintain distinct groups of members, or to group eRooms related to a specific project, for example. By grouping members and eRooms in separate communities, you can create a secure barrier preventing users from your other communities from accessing information in your other communities.

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  12. Can I pay “per meeting” for eRoom Real Time Services?

    eRoom Real Time Services are an integrated component of the eRoom.net service and are included standard as part of monthly base fee. Only active eRoom.net users may participate in a Real Time session.

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  13. Where should I send my payments? Will payments be changing?

    Please send payments to the eRoom.net Billing Department.

    Include the following information with your payment:

    o      a reference to eRoom.net

    o      your account number

    o      your invoice number along with your payment.

    By Regular mail:
    EMC Documentum
    Dept. 33354

    PO BOX 39000
    San Francisco, CA 94139-3354

    By FedEx:
    EMC Corporation - Documentum - eRoom.net
    Attn: eRoom Finance / Revenue Accounting
    176 South Street, Mail Stop 1/G-48
    Hopkinton, MA 01748

    By ACH:
    Bank of America
    ABA  121000358
    Account # 1233735542
    Account Name: EMC Corporation

    By Wires:
    Bank of America
    ABA: 026009593
    Account # 1233735542
    Account Name: EMC Corporation


    Where to send POs:

    By Regular mail:
    EMC Corporation - Documentum - eRoom.net
    Attn: eRoom Finance / Revenue Accounting
    176 South Street, Mail Stop 1/G-48
    Hopkinton, MA 01748

    By email:

    By Fax:


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Using eRoom.net
  1. How do I start using eRoom.net?

    If you are new to the service, go to www.eroom.net and click on "create new community". You will be guided through the step-by-step process, and can choose to either start a free 21-day trial account, or begin paying immediately to receive the full benefits of the service. See below for more information about the eRoom.net trial.

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  2. Does eRoom.net offer a limited-time trial?

    You can try eRoom.net for 21 days at no cost. You will have access to all eRoom.net features, but will only be able to invite up to ten members. Also, there is a limit on the amount of disk space and number eRooms you can create.

    If you like what you see and want to continue using the service, select a payment plan and provide payment information at any point during the trial period. The trial limits will be removed, and you will be charged retroactively from the day you first signed up for the trial.

    Should you decide that eRoom.net is not right for you, do nothing and you will not be charged for the trial. Your trial will automatically be shut down at the end of the 21-day period and all information in your trial eRooms will be permanently deleted from eRoom.net.

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  3. How do I create an eRoom?

    eRooms are easy to set up. Just log in with your eRoom.net account, or create an account using our registration form. When you reach My eRooms, simply click the "create an eRoom" button and step through the wizard-driven eRoom creation process. There are also wizards to help you set up or review your billing preferences along the way.

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  4. How do I add members and set their passwords?

    From within an eRoom, click theeRoom members iconmembers button to display the Members page. There you will find buttons for adding, removing, inviting, and assigning roles to members. (Each command will prompt you with dialog boxes.) You must have the appropriate privileges to perform these actions.

    The community members page is also available to community administrators from the members tab of the community settings page.

    To add members all you need to do is type a member's name and email address, and eRoom.net adds them. An invitation can be emailed to the member if you click "invite". The invited member can join your eRoom after registering.

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  5. How do I change my registration information?

    eRoom.net members can easily change their own registration information by logging in at www.eroom.net and going to "my member info". You can edit everything except your login name, including your contact information password.

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  6. Can I unregister from the eRoom.net site?

    If you are no longer a member of an eRoom or community on eRoom.net, your registration will automatically be removed from the eRoom.net site. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we protect your member information and privacy.

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  7. What if I don't want to use a particular eRoom anymore?

    If you are an eRoom.net member, but not the eRoom coordinator, you can stop visiting it at any time. You can shut off any automatic email messages by following the links they provide for changing your notification settings. Additionally, you can ask your eRoom administrator to remove you from the eRoom member list. You can find your eRoom community administrator by clicking the "Owners + Administrators" tab on your My eRooms page.

    If you are the community administrator or an eRoom coordinator with sufficient rights, you (and only you) have the authority to delete an eRoom from the eRoom.net site. Deleting an eRoom does not close your billing account. You bear the responsibility to continue paying for a community and eRoom.net billing account until it is shut down or reassigned to another billing account, even if no members happen to visit it. Shutting down a community and billing account are your responsibilities, as described below and in our Billing Policy.

    Caution: Deleting an eRoom is irrevocable. Before deleting an eRoom, give ample warning to its members and make sure any documents to be preserved are downloaded or copied. If you have an internal eRoom server at your company, you can export your eRoom for use on that server.

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  8. What if I don't want to use the eRoom.net service anymore and want to close my billing account?

    If you are the billing account owner, you (and only you) have the authority to delete the community from the eRoom.net site. You bear the responsibility to continue paying for any additional communities on your billing account until your eRoom.net billing account is closed or reassigned to another billing account and you have fulfilled any outstanding obligations under the fixed-term plan, even if no members happen to visit. Deleting a community and closing a billing account are your responsibilities, as described in our Billing Policy.

    Caution: Deleting a community or closing a billing account are irrevocable. Before closing anything, give ample warning to all members and make sure any documents to be preserved are downloaded or copied. If you have an internal eRoom server at your company, you can export your eRooms for use on that server.

    An account owner deletes a Community by logging in at the eRoom.net site and going to Back to top

  9. Can I export my data to put them on an internal eRoom server at my company?

    Yes. eRoom.net is designed to support the export of moderately sized eRooms from the eRoom.net servers. The self-guided Export feature works for eRooms and facilities that are smaller than 250 MB. Just use the export command in your eRoom, Facility or Community Settings page. For detailed instructions, go to eRoom Online Help, or contact EMC Technical Support appears in new window

    If you have a very large eRoom or community, you may encounter a timeout error when attempting to export your eRoom. If this happens, you'll need to use our Export Service to complete the export. Please contact EMC Technical Support appears in new window to request this service. There is a fee for this service.

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  1. What if I can't access eRoom.net?

    First, before contacting eRoom.net Support, make sure you don't have a larger connectivity issue. Try using your browser to reach a different site such as http://www.google.com. If you can browse other sites and believe the problem is with eRoom.net specifically, you should contact EMC Supportavailable at documentum.com.

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  2. Is there any help or documentation available?

    Yes. To learn more about eRoom.net, you can:

    eRoom Online Help can be accessed whenever you are within an eRoom by clicking the appears in new windowhelp icon in the eRoom toolbar.

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  3. What do I do if I've forgotten my username or password (or both)?

    If you've forgotten your login name or password (or both), we will send you instructions on how to reset your password, provided you remember the email address you registered with and the answer to your personal question. Simply go to the Account Recovery page, available from the "Forget your password" link on the login page.

    You can also request that your community administrator reset your password.

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  4. How can I get technical support?

    eRoom.net members should first contact one of their designated internal support contacts. EMC Supportavailable at documentum.com is available to two designated contacts who are selected by the account owner. Only the designated technical contacts may contact Documentum technical support.

    It is our policy to respond to any support request within one business day.

    Live telephone support is available only to the two designated support contacts, and is included in the monthly base fee. Support will be provided only to active customers with no outstanding charges on their account.

    Premium Support packages are available for customers who want 24/7 access to Support, a single point-of-contact, on-site visits, and other premium services.

    More information is available at Support.

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Security and Privacy
  1. Is eRoom.net a secure place for me to run my projects?

    Absolutely. eRoom.net takes security very seriously, and has taken several steps to ensure your project information remains secure.

    • Users must be invited to join a community and to access a specific eRoom within the community. Only authorized users can access your project materials. eRoom.net requires your team members to authorize themselves by having a personal account first, with an assigned login name and secure password.
    • All data transmissions are encrypted. To prevent the interception of your private information across the network, eRoom.net utilizes secure sockets layer (SSL) to encrypt data while in transit. All data is encrypted; this feature is included standard with every account at no additional charge. We believe that the security of your data is paramount, and therefore do not treat security as an optional add-on for which you pay extra.
    • To maintain the physical security of your data, eRoom.net is hosted on hardened servers in ultra-high security facilities managed by RSA and Cap Gemini.
    More information about eRoom.net and EMC’s Hosting Center security can be found at Security.

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  2. What can I do to help make sure no one gains unauthorized access to my data?

    The most important thing you can do to help ensure that your project information remains secure is to keep your eRoom.net password confidential. Don't write it down and don't share it with your colleagues.

    When selecting a password, choose something that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess (e.g. your phone number would be a bad password, the name of your first pet appended to the birth weight of your first born would be a good password). A mix of letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g. &, $, #, *, etc.) is best.

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  3. Do I have to back up my eRoom.net data, or is someone else doing that for me?

    All your data on eRoom.net is automatically backed up nightly. Should you ever delete information that you subsequently need restored, eRoom.net staff can usually restore data for a fee. Refer to the eRoom.net Security Overview for details on our back-up and data-retention policies.

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  4. Can I use eRoom.net in conjunction with a firewall or proxy server to further strengthen security?

    Yes. As long as the firewall or proxy server that sits between you and eRoom.net will pass HTTP traffic, you should have no trouble communicating with eRoom.net.

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  5. Will firewalls or proxy servers interfere with the use of eRoom.net?

    No. eRoom.net works just like any other Web site, so as long as HTTPS traffic can normally pass between your browser and external servers, eRoom.net will work.

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  6. How will my personal data be used?

    Your personal information is highly confidential and will be protected and managed in accordance with our Privacy Statement. EMC Corporation is committed to protecting your interests as they pertain to using eRoom.net. Other uses of the data, outside of those acknowledged in the Privacy Statement, are unauthorized and unlawful.

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